Bakery & Gluten Free


At AllinAll we provide both contract blending and bespoke formulations for different customer requirements. We have an extensive range of bakery, gluten free and reduced allergen solutions to meet growing consumer demands without compromising on taste and performance. 


We have an extensive knowledge of gluten-free ingredient functionality. Over the past few years, the market in gluten-free products has exploded. In Foodservice outlets and supermarket shelves there is a marked increase in gluten free claims being made as consumers look to increasingly avoid allergens. Target consumers for gluten free alternatives include coeliac disease sufferers, those sensitive to gluten and consumers lifestyle choices (weight management, digestive health and nutritional health). 


At AllinAll we create bespoke, unique products tailored to your needs; the products listed below are a small example of our extensive range. Please contact us here for more information. 


View our bakery and gluten free handout here: PDF

Selection of our Products

Flavour yeast extracts (eg. GF sourdough and low sodium salt)

Gluten free biscuit mix

Gluten free bread mix/ gluten free vegan bread mix

Gluten free brownie mix (with anti-staling enzymes)

Gluten free cookie mix

Gluten free protein sources (eg. Pea, soya, dairy, egg, protein isolates)

Gluten free enzyme solutions & emulsifiers (eg. crumb softening, volume, texture)

Gluten free batter mix/ Gluten free vegan batter mix

Gluten free pancakes mix

Health (eg. Gluten free fibre sources vitamin /mineral supplementation)


Seeds & seed flours (eg. Buckwheat, millet, psyllium etc.)

Starches (eg. Maize, Rice, Tapioca)

Product Benefits


No artificial colours or flavourings

Versatile processing capabilities

Vegan / Vegetarian friendly