R&D Innovation


AllinAll provide a range of technical support and expertise which can assist our partners and customers through our truly unique services including; our custom-built testing and pilot plant facilities. This space gives our R&D technical team the opportunity to develop the tastes of tomorrow and provide technical solutions for our customers. 


The purpose-built pilot plant is equipped with the required machinery which enables our technical team to work closely with our customers to mimic their production process. It is here where we can develop new products without any production downtime or inconvenience in their factories prior to full scale industrial processing.


Other advantages include more efficient timeframes, the ability to use the customers processing settings in our pilot plant to thereby have more repeatable results. This can assist your products to market quicker.

Pilot Plant Facilities:


  • Mincer – Mixer
  • Injector
  • Vacuum Tumbler
  • Bowl Chopper
  • Filler 
  • Burger Former
  • Fryer
  • Slicer
  • Ovens
  • Vacuum Packer

In House – Testing

New Development Kitchen – Many of our projects start as benchtop trials before being scaled up into our pilot plant. Initial ingredient functionality testing and process development is carried out here. 


Presentation Area– We carry out presentations, technical workshops, brainstorming sessions or analyse key marketing insights here with our customers, suppliers or retailers. We use this as a platform for innovation, bridging knowledge gaps, learning or networking.


Laboratory – Quality Assurance tests are carried out here.


Recipe Blending Area – Our customer sample blending room.

Product Development


  • Ingredient functionality and research


  • Product application testing 


  • Viscosity


  • pH 


  • Sensory


  • Cook Yield/ Cook Loss analysis


  • Shelf-life analysis
Quality Assurance


  • Nitrite/ Sulphur Dioxide /Gluten Testing 


  • Illegal Dye Testing


  • Pesticide Testing


  • Melamine Testing
AllinAll’s Proactive Research Agenda

In some cases our R&D Team validate some our Novel Innovations through external analysis and research laboratories we are partners with using some of the following methods:

Instrumental colour analysis – L, a*, b*, Hue, Chroma (C*)

Peroxide (PV) and TBars – lipid oxidation

Label friendly solutions, Phosphate Free, Sodium Metabisulphite Sulphite, Nitrite Free, Methylcellulose Free

Vegan/ Vegetarian Meat Free Alternatives – Plant Based Solutions

Edible Coatings for Fruit and Vegetables

Shelf-Life Extension 

Water activity (Aw)

Challenge testing 

Salt Reduction

Fat Reduction

Sugar Reduction Mineral Fortification

Fortified Functional Foods