Clean Label


Clean label’ is another trend that continues to grow. Consumers today are increasingly health conscious and select foods that are made from wholesome ingredients, are natural, unprocessed, simple and are preservative free. 


Our Food Scientists can help clean up your ingredient declaration, whether it is replacing unnecessary additives including; artificial colours and flavours, stabilisers, preservatives, removing allergens, increasing shelf-life with natural antimicrobials. Our research-led and commercially driven innovations can meet your needs. 


At AllinAll we create bespoke, unique products tailored to your needs; the products listed below are a small example of our extensive range. Please contact us here for more information. 

Selection of our Products

Gluten Free Solutions

Gluten Free Bread Mix/ Gluten Free Vegan Bread Mix

Gluten Free Muffin Mix (with anti-staling enzymes)

Gluten Free Brownie Mix (with anti-staling enzymes)

Gluten Free Biscuit Mix

Gluten Free Cookie Mix

Gluten Free Pancakes Mix

Gluten Free Crepe Mix

Gluten Free Waffle Mix

Allergen Free Solutions

Dairy Free (Bakery, brines and vegan products)

Gluten Free (Burger and sausage seasonings,  batters, predusts, crumbs)

Egg Free (Vegan bakery and vegan meat free alternatives (plant-based)

Soya Free (Seasonings, vegan/vegetarian meat free alternatives)

Product Benefits

Additive Free solutions

Allergen Free

Remove any artificial colours and flavours with natural alternatives

Improve food safety or extend shelf-life using natural antimicrobials

We can provide natural antioxidants to retard oxidation and maintain colour stability.

MSG Free

Palm Free

Reduced salt

Vegan/ vegetarian alternatives

Removal of modified starches

Removal of EDTA for clean label Mayonnaise

Removal of stabilisers 

Phosphate Free- New!!

AllinAll have recently expanded our range of phosphate free solutions to achieve increased yield`s and tailored to suit different processed meat applications including: Cooked poultry, reformed ham, beef and raw and frozen poultry.

Product Benefits



Easy to use

Phosphate Free

Suitable for injection/ tumbling

Added dietary fibre

Flavour enhancing

Yield extension 

Increased water holding capacity

Improves texture and slice ability

Freeze thaw stable

Enhanced succulence


Reduced sodium

Reduced Cooking Loss

Sulphite Free (new) – (Sodium metabisulphite (SO2) free seasonings for burgers)

A natural clean label alternative to SO2.

Additive free

A natural clean label ingredient declaration- labelled as “vinegar and rosemary extract”

Allergen Free- Soya Free, Gluten Free, Sulphite Free.

Microbial shelf-life is not comprised 

Colour stable over shelf-life however discolouration occurs by use-by date as to not mask meat spoilage.

Inhibition of lipid oxidation – no rancidity.