Cures & Brines


AllinAll have a large portfolio of brines and cures suitable for pork, poultry, beef, lamb, shredded meat products. Our Food Scientists and culinary experts have formulated a range of bespoke functional or flavoured cures & brines. 


Whether your brine needs to be more functional, with higher yield, improved cook loss, enhanced colour, flavour or texture; AllinAll’s expert meat scientists can work with you to achieve your requirements.  Alternatively if you need to find a clean label alternative or replace an allergen, we can help you! 


At AllinAll we create bespoke, unique products tailored to your needs; the products listed below are a small example of our extensive range. Please contact us here for more information. 

Selection of our Products

Dry Cures

Wet Cures

Home Cooked ham cures

Premium Cooked ham cures

Deli value

Traditional cures (beef, Bacon & Ham)

Clean Label 

Curing mix

Flavoured brines and cures ((BBQ, Honey, Smoked, Hickory, Smoked, Maple, Alderwood, Applewood Smoked, Coffee, Alcohol Flavoured: (Suffolk Ale, Bourbon, Whiskey, Apple & Beer), Buttermilk, Jalapeno).

Brines for Shredded meat products

Shelf-life Improvement 

Phosphate free brines

Product Benefits

Suitable for injection/ tumbling

Yield extension

Increased water holding capacity

Improves texture and sliceability 

Reduced Cooking Loss

Freeze thaw stable 

Salt reduced

Allergen Free- (Dairy, Gluten Free)

Clean Label Solutions:

Phosphate free

Natural antioxidants (rosemary extracts) 

No artificial Colour & Flavourings 

No allergens