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AllinAll Ingredients in Tune With Tomorrow

Reflecting on the increased focus on sustainability within the food industry, AllinAll has developed a number of innovative product solutions. These enable users to produce such products as meat free alternatives, products with a “clean label” claim; and the ability to prevent food deterioration and waste.


AllinAll have recently launched several new products which are focussed around these topics, including flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan meat solutions; clean label phosphate free solutions; and edible coatings to prevent food waste and reduce plastic packaging.


Meat Free Solutions


A rapid global population growth, concerns for environmental impact and animal welfare have highlighted the need for alternative protein sources other than meat. “Meat-free” alternatives and plant-based diets have recently become a lifestyle change. AllinAll have adapted to this change by working with meat processing customers have developed a range of flexitarian and meat free alternatives. 


Particular advancements include meat-like texture, flavour and appearance compared to historical meat analogues that lacked in quality. The range of meat free functional blends for finished concepts includes but is not limited; vegetarian/ vegan chicken nuggets and chicken burger, vegan bacon, vegetarian beef burger, vegetarian beef meatball, vegan sausage, vegetable or ancient grain based burgers (superfoods) including mushroom and quinoa.


These products have been developed using a combination of textured proteins, coupled with sustainable fibres (some of which are by-products from the juicing industry) and proteins (faba bean and chickpea). Many of these products are not only a source of protein but have added nutritional benefits including high in fibre claims as well. Future research is on-going to further expand the vegan/ vegetarian range.


Phosphate Free


Consumers today are increasingly health conscious and selective during purchasing decisions. They seek out foods that are made from wholesome ingredients, are natural, unprocessed, simple, organic, and are preservative free.


AllinAll strives to meet these challenges and demands of the meat processing sector. Particular focus has been on expanding our phosphate free solutions that suit different processed meat applications including; cooked poultry, reformed ham, raw and frozen poultry.


Removing phosphate does not mean compromising on yield or quality. The phosphate free solutions can achieve yield extension via increased water holding capacity, shelf-life extension, improved texture, reduced purge loss, and excellent slice-ability.


Edible Coatings


One possible solution to preventing food waste and promotion of a more sustainable future; is the application of edible coatings. Globally, 1.3 billion Tonnes of the food produced is lost or wasted which equates to one third of all food produced for human consumption. Fruits and vegetables fall into the highest category of food waste compared to any other foods, accounting for 45% of food losses (FAO, 2019).


AllinAll have addressed this by developing natural edible coatings for the fruit distribution sector. Solutions developed to date include bananas and blueberries. The coating improves the freshness and quality of fruit via prolonging shelf life, preventing discolouration, improving texture/ firmness, reducing weight loss, serves as a protection, and eliminates the need for plastic packaging thereby contributing to a more sustainable future.




The coating creates an anaerobic environment which retards the gas diffusion rate and acts a barrier to oxygen CO2, moisture and water vapour. The coating can be consumed along with the fruit and enhances the nutritional value due to its composition of starches, sugars and hydrocolloids. The coating is chemical free, odourless, colourless, does not impart the flavour of the fruit and can be sprayed or dipped onto fruit.


AllinAll is currently expanding its range which will deliver these benefits to other fruits and vegetables and thereby playing a part in delivering a more sustainable future.


Article from the Food and Drink Business Magazine, Europe – Access here

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